Friday, November 11, 2011

Burrito Burriot

Lunchtime with teammates are always fun.  It's that time of day where you can stop thinking about work to talk about random stuff happening under the sun.  Since yesterday was payday, we decided to eat out to try something new.  McKinley Hill doesn't have a lot to offer when it comes to fast foods and restaurants. LOL

My teammate Poi suggested to eat at Ristras, which is a Mexican restuarant at Bonifacio Global City, The Fort.

 Ristras is one of the restaurants owned by Chef Rob Goco (who also owns other restaurants like Charlie's and Cyma).  It's a Mexican restaurant as I've mentioned earlier that is well known for their burritos.  A piece of useless trivia, a ristra is an arrangement of drying chili pepper pods.  They were probably used for preservation but they can also be used as decorations.  If you come in to the restaurant you'll notice that the place is decorated with several ristras hanging on the wall. (as shown in the picture on the left) But seriosly, it didn't look that good to me. LOL

Burrito Burriot
We came there as a team of 17 people hungry for burritos.  It took time to order stuff cause we didn't really know how to order.  Nonetheless, here's something that might help you in ordering burritos before you try the place. Haha

1. So when you order you can either choose a regular or wet burrito. 

What's the difference?
I can't really explain. LOL I'm not a food expert. 
For comparison, this is what a regular burrito looks like.

And this is what a wet burrito looks like.
One difference I can pin point is that the wet burrito has burned cheese on top. LOL

2. Choose what you want to put inside the burrito. You must choose 1 kind of rice, 2 kinds of meat/vegetables and other stuff like beans, tomato chunks, and tomato sauce. 

Their burritos are really big.  If you wanna try it you might want to share it with another person.  That's what my teammates did. As for me, I ordered one for myself thinking I could finish it all up. I was wrong. LOL. I was only able to finish a little more than half of the whole thing.  I drank soda while eating so that sorta filled me up easily.  Don't order soda and just ask for water if you wanna try and finish the whole thing.

In the middle of the Burrito Burriot! LOL
The wet burrito costs more than the regular burrito I think.  I paid 430 pesos for the wet burrito and 40 pesos for one canned softdrink(Overpriced softdrinks suck). The burritos are really good and I think taste of it matches the price.  Other things available on their menu are tacos, enchiladas, chimichangas, quesadillas and nachos.

The team
We will be coming back to this restaurant after we've eaten through all the restaurants found within the vicinity of McKinley Hill and Bonifacio Global City.  Being on morning shift indeed has advantages like eating out at restaurants like this. :)

*Photos were taken by my teammate, Kia. :)

Oh, happy 11-11-11 :)

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