Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Great Snakes! The Adventures of Tintin is now showing

I watched the Adventures of Tintin today at Mall of Asia with my friends Jolo and Jana.

All I can say is that Snowy (Tintin's dog partner) is the star of this film!  He's so smart!(probably even smarter than Thomson and Thompson). LOL. Also, I like it when Tintin says "great snakes!" instead of saying bad words.  People with British accent are so polite.

I really recommend you geeks and Tintin fans to watch this movie cause it's pretty awesome and surprisingly funny.  If you've missed watching the cartoon series from years ago and if you are a fan of an adventure-type of movie, then this is a must watch for you. There were no boring scenes and the story progression ran really good.   Everyone watching in the cinema enjoyed the movie despite of age differences. It may be another movie intended for families but it actually reminded me of playing the PS3 game Uncharted. Yeaaaah LOL.

Anyway, I'm glad that Spielberg and Jackson did not fail to deliver an amazing movie.  I wonder what their next movie will be (if there will be any).   For now let's look forward to the game version of the movie which the duo also helped create. (which I posted here)

Oh by the way, I watched it on 2D.  I think there won't be much difference if you watch it on 3D.  But  I'm willing to watch this again on 3D.  Who wants to watch with me? Haha.

Great Snakes! I loved this movie so much. Haha

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  1. From now on, I'll practice saying, "Great Snakes!" instead of my usual bad words. Para polite kunwari instead of f*ck. Hahaha!

    I like Snowy, too! But I think I like Thomson and Thompson more. Haha!


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