Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Great Snakes! The Adventures of Tintin is now showing

I watched the Adventures of Tintin today at Mall of Asia with my friends Jolo and Jana.

All I can say is that Snowy (Tintin's dog partner) is the star of this film!  He's so smart!(probably even smarter than Thomson and Thompson). LOL. Also, I like it when Tintin says "great snakes!" instead of saying bad words.  People with British accent are so polite.

I really recommend you geeks and Tintin fans to watch this movie cause it's pretty awesome and surprisingly funny.  If you've missed watching the cartoon series from years ago and if you are a fan of an adventure-type of movie, then this is a must watch for you. There were no boring scenes and the story progression ran really good.   Everyone watching in the cinema enjoyed the movie despite of age differences. It may be another movie intended for families but it actually reminded me of playing the PS3 game Uncharted. Yeaaaah LOL.

Anyway, I'm glad that Spielberg and Jackson did not fail to deliver an amazing movie.  I wonder what their next movie will be (if there will be any).   For now let's look forward to the game version of the movie which the duo also helped create. (which I posted here)

Oh by the way, I watched it on 2D.  I think there won't be much difference if you watch it on 3D.  But  I'm willing to watch this again on 3D.  Who wants to watch with me? Haha.

Great Snakes! I loved this movie so much. Haha

Saturday, November 26, 2011

TV Show Opening Themes

I wanna be as good as this guy.

He is such a great TV geek/musician.

So far I only know how to play the How I Met Your Mother theme, The Big Bang Theory Theme and the X-Men Animated Series Theme. Haha

How I Met Your Mother!
The Big Bang Theory

Haha opening themes are fun. I already know the Game Of Thrones main title theme a little, but I've yet to complete it. haha

Friday, November 25, 2011

New Old Games

I bought these games today at Datablitz - Powerplant Mall with my high school buddy, Jolo.  We were supposed to meet with Roselee and Jana but the two had to cancel.

The Geekosaur with new games

Uncharted Dual Pack that comes with
  • Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (Game of the Year Edition)

I know it's a bit late to start playing these games since Uncharted 3 was already released a few months ago.  But hey, it's never too late to play the "best" game series for PS3.  Also, I wanna play these two before Uncharted 3.

Better start playing.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday and a Gadget wishlist

It's Thanksgiving a.k.a turkey today in the United States and tomorrow is Black Friday which means the Americans would probably eat too much turkey and forget about sleep cause they have to pile up outside the Wallmarts and other stores just to get the good deals especially on gadgets. Geez.
image from

Here are some Black Friday deals I found on the internet.

Seriously, this link made me want to cry. I want a huge TV for my room and my own PS3 so I won't have to play at our living room.  PS3 is at $200 (more or less 8400 pesos) with free games. The good HDTVs are under $600 (more or less 25k). Gah.  Also, I want an Xbox 360 just so I could play games with the Kinect.

2. has a deal on ebay that can actually make you get a Nintendo 3DS for $129 (roughly 5k).  I think bidding will work.

3. The Apple Store also has a one-day sale happening. So from what I've been reading on several websites, you could get

>$41-$61 off an iPad 2 depending on the capacity that you will get.
>$21-$41 discount on an iPod touch again depending on capacity
>$11 off the iPod nano
>all the other Mac products get $101 off

I wish to have Black Friday here in the Philippines. I think SM is having a thanksgiving sale too but I'm sure it won't compare to Black Friday.

Given that I've been talking about gadgets, here's my gadget wishlist.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note
So pretty
2. A new PC for gaming purposes.  So I could play Dragon Nest more and also since Diablo 3 is coming out soon. haha.

3. A new dSLR body or a Leica camera

4. An HP Touchpad (love your own LOL) or any tablet for that matter. Haha.

 I love you, technology. Haha  Someday, Black Friday will come to the Philippines.  Since we're sort of good at copying stuff from other countries. Haha.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

QuickPost: Haircut.

I've been trying not to get a haircut for sometime cause I wanted to grow my hair and make it look really messy. But last night, I finally got a haircut.

The photo on top is obviously the before and the one below that is the after shot.

Haha. Sorry for the stupid faces I made.

The Adventures of Tintin

Remind yourself of this awesome opening theme.

The Adventures of Tintin used to be one fo my favorite cartoons when I was a kid.  I remember wanting to get a dog like Snowy and have pseudo adventures at home.  It became a big fuss when it was announced that the ever popular director Steven Spielberg and Lord of The Rings director and producer Peter Jackson will be teaming up to create this classic comic book-turned tv series into a CG 3D movie.

Here's the trailer of the said movie that will hit theaters on the 30th of November.

Thomson and Thompson both look cool! Haha.  And Tintin looks sharp and not clumsy.

Some of the actors who lent their voices to this production are Jamie Bell as Tintin, Daniel Craig as Ivanovich Sakharine, Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock, Simon Pegg as Thompson, Nick Frost as Thomson and many more.

I'm really hoping to catch the film on the 30th cause I think I've missed too many movies the past few months.  Also, I'm hoping that they will use the original theme song in the film.

Oh wait there's more!  A game version of the movie by Ubisoft was announced last E3.  Here's another youtube video where Spielberg and Jackson both talk about their history with Tintin and how the game was created.

Hergé, you've done well. Haha Kudos to you.

Calling all my friends, we should all watch this. Haha. See you at the cinemas on the 30th, geeks!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

I finally bought the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 game yesterday at Datablitz - Mall of Asia.  It will cost you 1395 pesos if you pay via credit/debit card and 1295 pesos if you pay in cash.

The sales lady gave me a free poster probably because I'm a regular customer of that branch.  I asked my friend, Jolo if he got a free poster when he bought the game and he said they didn't give him one.

What I think of the game:

Anyway, if you're expecting a lot changes in the game, you'll be a bit disappointed.  They tweaked the characters a little bit but there's really no big change in terms of the gameplay and even the last stage where you have to fight Goki, Wesker and Dr. Doom as Galactus' puppets.  I have yet to try the online fights this weekend but basically, this is just Marvel vs. Capcom 3 with more characters and stages.

New characters are fun to use.  My current favorites are, Hawkeye, Nova, and Doctor Strange for Marvel and Strider Hiryu, Vergil for Capcom.  Phoenix Wright is not fun to use at all.  Anyway, they added more stages as well so we have more options to choose from.  I haven't noticed some of the tweaks with the other characters probably I'll take time to read the link to the tweaks that I posted with in previous post.

Another plus is that you can use Galactus. Haha.

Overall, I think they should've made the upgrades, updates and new characters as downloadable content cause the Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds game will really be neglected and put to waste. LOL.  But hey, I bought the game already so I'll just shut my mouth and be happy with it. Haha.

Do you wanna play with me? Add me up on the PSNetwork.  I think my ID is vinch0617 :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Should Be Out Today: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

At one point in your 'geek' life, you've played a Marvel vs. Capcom game.  This is probably one of the more popular fighting games ever released on gaming consoles primarily because of the clash of Marvel (which we all know to be a popular comicbook line) and Capcom (a pretty rad developer of video games like Megaman and Devil May Cry)

Today, November 15 marks the release date of yet another MvC game called "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3."  If you would recall, a game called Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was already released earlier this year (February 15, 2011 to be exact).

The main difference?  More characters.

Image from here

 Aside from the original 36 characters from MvC3, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will feature 12 new characters.

The chosen 12.

Here's the list of the new playable characters


  1. Strider Hiryu - From the game Strider.
  2. Firebrand - From the Capcom game Ghosts'n Ghoblins
  3. Vergil - He is Dante's Twin in Devil May Cry
  4. Frank West - He appeared in the game Dead Rising
  5. Phoenix Wright - From the Ace Attorney game series
  6. Nemesis T-Type - From Resident Evil 3

Marvel (if you're wondering where they came from, think Marvel COMICS LOL)

  1. Ghost Rider 
  2. Doctor Strange
  3. Nova
  4. Rocket Raccoon
  5. Hawkeye (Another Avenger)
  6. Iron Fist

I have no idea who some of the new characters are.  Anyway, I hope they're fun to use.  In addition to these new characters, the developers have tweaked the way the old characters fight.  The changes for the Marvel characters can be found here and the Capcom character changes can be found here.  I guess they've realized that Phoenix is way too strong. LOL

I haven't decided if I would get a copy tonight at Datablitz.  Apparently, the changes I mentioned are not DLC (downloadable content) on the PSN Store.  If I get this game, my Marvel vs. Capcom 3 would be put to waste. What a shame. :-(

    Monday, November 14, 2011

    The Impulsive Buyer

    I think I maybe an impulsive buyer.

    Story #1
    Last November 11, 2011 (11-11-11) Cebu Pacific had a seat sale for all their destinations priced at 11 pesos.

    I immediately thought of Singapore the moment I saw the travel period of June to December 2012.  As you know, May-July are the months of the Great Singapore Sale and June happens to be my birth month.  So I waited for the website to update and booked flights for me, my dad and 2 brothers.
    June 22-25

    Story #2
    After that, I asked my friend Ted if he booked flights to anywhere.  He said he booked for Korea with Ron and asked if I wanted to come.  Without thinking, I booked in the same flight that Ted and Ron had.  Then I passed on the impulsiveness to Paul who also wanted to come so he booked flights for him and Kristian.  Looks like we're all going to Korea next November.  Am I finally going to see snow? Haha
    November 29-December 2!

    Story #3
    So today at work I was talking to my officemate Sandra and I brought up the sale happening at Megatent, Ortigas for HSBC credit card users.  Of course being weirdly obsessed with shopping, we instantly decided to check it out to buy Christmas gifts for cousins and godkids. (Weh)

    5 pm came and we left the office at once.
    *Insert shopping period + frustration for having limited money to pay the bills*

    At the end of our visit to Megatent, I left with a new 16GB Silver iPod Nano (36 months installment meaning 241 pesos a month. LOL) and new shoes from Aldo.  Sandra bought undergarments and shoes for her man, Dorf.

    Do checkout the HSBC sale at Megatent. It'll only be there till tomorrow but I'm sure you'll still see a lot of good deals especially on electronics/gadgets!  Downside of this sale is that you have to be an HSBC cardholder before you can enter.

    Man, sale season is coming.  This is really not good. Haha. Must save for trips. :( *Facepalm*

    I should cut my credit cards in half.

    Saturday, November 12, 2011

    The Best of Kitchen's Best

    This has been a very food indulging week for me.

    Yesterday, we tried Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie located at the Karrivin Plaza, Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati.  We went there around 10am cause the place isn't that big and the restaurant might be too crowded if we came at lunch time.

    Photo of the menu

    I actually like how the restaurant looks like.  It's pretty small but the design is pretty good.  And my officemate told me that eating there reminded her of the time when she went to Paris.  

    There are more seats inside that door

    Article write-ups and their best sellers on the wall

    The photos on that frame really looked appetizing. 

    Food Time!

    For Brunch

    1. Baked Lasagna
    Delicious Baked Lasagna!
    I love pasta and this lasagna made me want to order more.   They used legit tomatoes to make the sauce. So good!

    2. Barbecue Spareribs
    Soft, tender, and tasty!
    I really love barbecue spareribs and this was no disappointment.  The meat was tender and soft and the sauce was really spot on.

    3. Croque Monsieur (Hot Ham and Cheese)
    Cheesy and Ham-y LOL
    The melted cheese was just phenomenal. LOL.  And the slices of ham were pretty good.


    1. Turtle Pie
    Turtle Pie
    We have tried the Turtle Pie at Conti's and this can be a good contender against it.  Chocolate lovers will love the Turtle Pie.

    2. White Chocolate Macadamia Cheese Cake
    White Chocolate in Cheese Cake Goodness
    I love white chocolate and cheese cake independently so it really follows that when you put them together, I'd love it.

    3. Plaisir Sucré
    With edible gold!
    This is probably the best one we tasted at Kitchen's Best.  It's name really suits its English translation "Sweet Pleasure"

    So If you intend to try Kitchen's Best you should probably have a 400 peso budget to be able to eat a dish and order a dessert.  The price is justified by the quality of the food and the taste.

    Three last bites

    Cake goodness up to the last bite!  By the way, Kitchen's Best has another branch located the the Bonifacio Global City.

    Happy eating.

    Friday, November 11, 2011

    Burrito Burriot

    Lunchtime with teammates are always fun.  It's that time of day where you can stop thinking about work to talk about random stuff happening under the sun.  Since yesterday was payday, we decided to eat out to try something new.  McKinley Hill doesn't have a lot to offer when it comes to fast foods and restaurants. LOL

    My teammate Poi suggested to eat at Ristras, which is a Mexican restuarant at Bonifacio Global City, The Fort.

     Ristras is one of the restaurants owned by Chef Rob Goco (who also owns other restaurants like Charlie's and Cyma).  It's a Mexican restaurant as I've mentioned earlier that is well known for their burritos.  A piece of useless trivia, a ristra is an arrangement of drying chili pepper pods.  They were probably used for preservation but they can also be used as decorations.  If you come in to the restaurant you'll notice that the place is decorated with several ristras hanging on the wall. (as shown in the picture on the left) But seriosly, it didn't look that good to me. LOL

    Burrito Burriot
    We came there as a team of 17 people hungry for burritos.  It took time to order stuff cause we didn't really know how to order.  Nonetheless, here's something that might help you in ordering burritos before you try the place. Haha

    1. So when you order you can either choose a regular or wet burrito. 

    What's the difference?
    I can't really explain. LOL I'm not a food expert. 
    For comparison, this is what a regular burrito looks like.

    And this is what a wet burrito looks like.
    One difference I can pin point is that the wet burrito has burned cheese on top. LOL

    2. Choose what you want to put inside the burrito. You must choose 1 kind of rice, 2 kinds of meat/vegetables and other stuff like beans, tomato chunks, and tomato sauce. 

    Their burritos are really big.  If you wanna try it you might want to share it with another person.  That's what my teammates did. As for me, I ordered one for myself thinking I could finish it all up. I was wrong. LOL. I was only able to finish a little more than half of the whole thing.  I drank soda while eating so that sorta filled me up easily.  Don't order soda and just ask for water if you wanna try and finish the whole thing.

    In the middle of the Burrito Burriot! LOL
    The wet burrito costs more than the regular burrito I think.  I paid 430 pesos for the wet burrito and 40 pesos for one canned softdrink(Overpriced softdrinks suck). The burritos are really good and I think taste of it matches the price.  Other things available on their menu are tacos, enchiladas, chimichangas, quesadillas and nachos.

    The team
    We will be coming back to this restaurant after we've eaten through all the restaurants found within the vicinity of McKinley Hill and Bonifacio Global City.  Being on morning shift indeed has advantages like eating out at restaurants like this. :)

    *Photos were taken by my teammate, Kia. :)

    Oh, happy 11-11-11 :)

    Thursday, November 10, 2011

    A Game Of Thrones videogame: Yay or Nay?

    So I became a big fan of the Game of Thrones HBO TV series which eventually led me to purchase the A Song of Ice and Fire book series by George RR Martin.  (It's pretty evident with my header photo too).  Anyway, Cyanide Studio, which is an independent video game development studio based in Paris acquired the interactive rights to this George RR Martin series in 2009.  And they have come up with one game already for PCs called A Game of Thrones - Genesis.

    A Game of Thrones - Genesis

    Setting: The game is set a thousand years before the events in the books took place at the Kingdom of Westeros.  So all the characters you've been reading about in the side stories and origin stories in the book will probably be part of this videogame.  Also, Targaryen's would probably still be ruling Westeros and dragons still conquer the skies. 

    Gameplay: It's a real-time stragegy game. I read from the website that you can win wars by military force, killing another houses' economy and or manipulations like what we see and read in the book.

    Here's a review of the game by Gamespot.

    Haha, video game adaptations of books, tv series, and movies really do fail to satisfy most of the time. It's really sad how developers focus more on the online side of the game rather than the campagin side of the game which I personally play more. This is just one review, I still want to try the game if given a chance... Oh wait, since this is from Gamespot, the review will probably be spot on. haha.

    Game of Thrones for Next-gen consoles

    On November 10, Altus games in collaboration with Cyanide studios and HBO announced that they will be releasing another Game of Thrones videogame for next-gen consoles like the PS3 and Xbox.  The game will be released early 2012.

    So, GoT fans, what do you think? Yay or Nay?

    The Detention Group makes it!

    The Detention Group finally made it to the second spot in the Wednesday quiz nights at the Capricciosa Restaurant, Greenbelt3.  If you've been following my blog from the start, you should know that every week, my friends and I meet up there to compete with other teams just for fun! If you're not yet familiar with the weekly quiz night drill, click here.

    Last night, there were 11 categories divided into three rounds.  The categories were written in the "Bisaya" dialect cause there was a guest host from Cebu.  I think our team has officially grown since Mia's friends have officially joined the Detention Group!  They are basically the ones behind our group's success. Personally, the night was pretty sad for me cause I wasn't able to contribute much since some of the categories were way out of my interests. LOL

    Some of the more memorable categories were the fake diseases(Shanti virus, you suck) and Mariah Carey lyrics(shout out to my friend Jappy who's a big MC fan, LOL).  Something different about last night's quiz was the bonus round where teams had to identify five things in a bowl. After that, someone from the team must look for the host of the quiz around Greenbelt based on the clue given on the sheet of paper they provided. 


    Detention Group Standings:
    Round 1: We were at 2nd place at 15 points
    Round 2: We were at 3rd place at 19 points
    Round 3: We were at 1st place at 36 points!

    We ended the quiz night at second place with 70 points.  The winning team (Urban Fervor) got 73 points but since they won the bonus round they got +2 to their scores which brought them up to 75.

    Can I just say that the names of the groups last night were so funny.  My favorite of the night has got to be "Pag si lalake ay lasing, jackpot si bading" haha.  There was also, a group named "Lasing sa wine" and "Asukals". 

    11-10-11 will be a memorable date for us cause it's the first time that we actually placed in the top 3.

    Next week will be an even more exciting week as we will try to be number 1.

    Here's a proud photo moment:

    Number 2 with the wine, babyyy!
    Teehee, I didn't contribute a lot so this photo makes me a poser. Haha.

    Monday, November 7, 2011

    iPhone Problem!

    I've had this problem with the home button of my iPhone for months and I never really thought of bringing it to Apple for repair.  But yesterday, out of the blue, the power button got stuck and I got so pissed when it happened.  I've been reading about it online and it is a common thing that happens to a lot of users.  Now, I'm not sure what to do about it. I contacted Power Mac Center if they can do something about it but I have yet to receive their response.  I got this iPhone 4 last Christmas and it was purchased in Singapore.

    I've had pretty bad experiences with claiming warranty through service centers but I remember when my iPod broke a few years back, Power Mac replaced it with a new one.  I'm not sure though with my iPhone since it was purchased in Singapore.

    Gah. Crazy world of service centers here I come.

    P.S. Apple should totally replace the home and power button with some touch receptive button so that this won't happen to future users.

    UPDATE: (November 8) So I went to Power Mac Center - Mall of Asia yesterday to get my iPhone checked.  The technical support people there told me that they cannot do anything about it.  Apparently, Apple only gave Globe the permission to repair iPhones in the Philippines.  Meaning, if you didn't get your iPhone from Globe, then your best option is to go to Greenhills and have it fixed there.  Screw that! I'll hate on Apple for a while. haha.

    Wednesday, November 2, 2011

    Macromazing shots

    So last month I purchased lenses for my iPhone.  Out of boredom, I used the macro lens on some stuff at the cemetery.  I really love the macro lens.  Just look at these photos.

    I just love how vibrant the colors are and how much detail there is.  

    Anyway, that's it.  Read about my iPhotography post if you want to know more about these lenses. :-)

    Tuesday, November 1, 2011

    November 1 is dead.

    November 1 is probably one of the most celebrated holidays here in the Philippines.  People go back to their provinces to visit their loved ones who have passed away.   Some people who have work on this day even file their vacation leaves cause it's one of those occasions where families get together to talk about life in general.  It's a mini-feast to celebrate those who have died and also to remind them that even if they have passed on, we still remember them and we still give them importance even if they're not physically with us today.

    Anyway, a lot has changed with this holiday over the years with the help of technology and the media. Here are some of the things I noticed when I went to the panchong(cemetery) today..

    1. Gadgets. I gotta admit, staying at the cemetery could get really boring cause there's nothing to do but eat and talk with relatives and friends.  Gadgets help a lot to kill time while at the cemetery.  I've seen a lot of people with their laptops, tabs, mobile phones and handheld gaming devices and I don't think there's anything wrong with it as long as you somewhat "pray" for your relative that you're visiting.  Let's be reminded that at the end of the day the point of going to the cemetery is to visit those who have died and not make friends on social networking sites.
    2. Kids don't make the candle balls anymore.  This is sad.  I think I spent most of my time at the cemetery making those candle balls and having them weighed for some amount of money when I was young.  Kids today buy glow sticks, devil headbands and/or anything with LED lights.  Candle balls were big then but I guess kids today are too cool and rich to make them. They would rather spend than earn something. LOL :-| Boo kids.
    3. Teenagers dress up like they're going to party.  Seriously, I was walking around the cemetery and noticed that some of the teenagers were all dressed up as if there was a party somewhere.  Kids, you are at a cemetery not a bar! Jejekids. Ugh.
    4. Eyeballs. I find it weird that they use this holiday as an excuse to meet up or have an "eye-ball" of sorts.  I kept hearing "anong suot mo?"(what are you wearing?) and "nasan ka na?"(where are you now?)  with that annoying flirty phone call voice from people that I came across. I seriously wanted to punch some of them in the face. Haha. I hope they accidentally meet up with some zombies or something.
    5. Visiting the dead has lost its meaning. With all of these observations, I guess what I can conclude is that we're losing grasp of what November 1 means for us Filipinos.  I'm probably a bit more sensitive about this cause I've been visiting my mom there as opposed to some who might be visiting relatives that they barely even knew.  So instead of staying at one place, they roam around to see what other living people are up to.  When I go to the cemetery, I really take time to pray and somewhat talk to my mom cause I know that she'd be happy that I came there to talk to her cause I really miss her so much.  

    Hi mom and tatay!
    Anyway, this post is just based on my observations at our cemetery.  It doesn't necessarily mean that the "essence" of the November 1 holiday has died with all of our loved ones who have passed on to the afterlife. LOL

    It's back to work again tomorrow. Sigh. And there's no quiz night tomorrow night. Another sigh.
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