Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Should Be Out Today: Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy is undoubtedly a very popular game franchise that has taken the world of console-gaming into a new level. Aside from having awesome gameplay and graphics, the stories they come up with are well thought of and the design of everything is just brilliant.

Today is the scheduled release date for Final Fantasy XIII-2. I have not confirmed if it has been officially released here in the Philippines, but I'll try to check later after work.

So the game is not a direct continuation of the earlier game. Based on the trailers released, we'll get to use Serah Farron (who was the useless crystal girl in FF XIII) and a new character named Noel although the old characters such as Lightning, Hope(who's entered puberty) and Snow will still be there.
The Farron Bitches

Here's the opening movie released that I got from Youtube.

Oh and Pinoy siopao Charice contributed a song to the game which is surprisingly good. Here it is.

Get a copy now people (if it is out) LOL!

Update: I'm at Datablitz Park Square right now getting my copy. So excited!

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