Monday, February 13, 2012

What Do Geeks Do On Valentine's Day?

So the day of the year when you (most likely) feel bad for yourself cause you're single or can't think of a normal gift for your partner has finally come.  Every February 14th, the world turns into a big cheese ball cause of all the shiz romantic people pull for their loved ones.  Fully booked restaurants, sold out roses, boxes of chocolates here and there and traffic at nearby motels (LOL) are just some of the things that you should expect during this bloody red day.  But what do the geeks celebrate Valentine's Day?

For Forever Alone Geeks
Some people call it Valentine's Day, I call it Tuesday.
Too much bitterness in that statement. There's more to life than cheesiness fellow geeks.  Gadgets and gaming consoles were created for us to lessen the gravity of social deprivation we experience on this love-and-sex-filled day.  Remember that the end of the day, unlocking achievements and getting a high score while playing your favorite game is better than paying for dinner at an expensive restaurant where they serve small foods on a big plate. Haha.

Here are the things you could do:

  • Browse 9Gag for Valentine memes
  • Read a book
  • Play trivia night with your friends
  • Ask Siri inappropriate questions

For the Geeks that have Valentines

8-bit flower bouquet from
We've seen on films how the single & helpless geeky character awkwardly makes a fool out of himself/herself when he/she tries to ask someone to be his/her valentine.  They end up creeping out the other person (who most of the time is way out their league) and ultimately putting themselves into shame.  Stupid stereotypes.  Fact of the matter is, geeks are very creative when it comes to these things.  We have so many ideas to the point that we can't do anything right cause we try to do so many things to please the other person.

Here are the things you could do:

  • Get a geeky gift - Check our websites like
  • Watch a sci-fi movie series like HP or LOTR or Star Wars!
  • Go to a geek convention like a cosplay event and dress up as your favorite anime/sci-fi couple
  • Play any co-op game and beat the crap out of the enemies together
  • Visit this link for more geeky date ideas 

So whether your going to spend Valentine's day alone or with someone.  Never forget your true geeky nature.
Live long and prosper (and multiply?) Haha.  For single geeks, I'm with you. For those who aren't, go get some action (not from Battlefield or Call of Duty)!

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Happy Valentine's everyone!

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