Friday, March 9, 2012

Nickelodeon's Figure It Out Is Back!

Oh yes yes yes! Nickelodeon is bringing back Figure It Out after 13 years.  This is one of the TV shows I loved watching on Nick when I was a kid.  Not sure if kids today are familiar with the show though.

How the game goes:  A kid is invited to share something unique about himself/herself in the show.  Then a panel of celebrities will try to guess that by asking Yes or No questions and by the clues given for each round.  Billy The Answer Head will help the panel with the number of words they should guess.  If the panel fails to guess at each round, the kid gets a prize.  Then the celebrity panel will be given a chance to guess what the missing words are after three rounds.  If they don't get it, the kid gets the grand prize.

Billy the Answer Head
I miss the Slime, Billy the Answer Head, Summer Sanders and Loribeth Denberg!  Now, I wonder who will be part of the new celebrity panel and who will host the new Figure It Out.  I sure hope Grachi won't be one of them. LOL. And I hope they show it here in the Philippines too.

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