Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It's almost February 29 people! Dance dance dance cause it only happens every 4 years!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

On Desktop Wallpapers

Desktop wallpapers are fascinating.  They could reflect your interests, personality and style.  You may have your face, dog, family portrait as your wallpaper or your favorite superhero logo at the center of your desktop screen.  At the end of the day, nobody can judge your wallpaper cause you are your computer's boss.  LOL.

I happen to enjoy both minimalistic and graphic intensive wallpapers and these two website that I'm about to share will really give you some sort of design delight.

If you wanna go minimalistic, try SimpleDesktops.com
This website is a collection of wallpapers submitted to the website by anybody who has the guts to submit one.  From the name of their website, they feature minimalistic and simple desktop wallpapers. I actually got 4 wallpapers for each of the desktop screens on my Macbook Pro from the website. This photo below is my favorite.
That wallpaper makes me hungry every time I look at it.  It tells you how much I love Nutella (which happens to be the chocolate spread and the name of my dog).  Here's another wallpaper that I got from the website.
It tells you I love the color green and I grew up with a Game Boy.  LOL I could continue sharing desktop wallpapers that I love but that would just be narcissistic of me and I'm not like that. LOL again.

On a side note:  SimpleDesktops.com has an application at the Mac App Store that will allow you to manage wallpapers.  I have not purchased the application since it's $3.99~170 Pesos.  It's nice to have but if you have time to choose and change your wallpaper then you really don't need it.
Screenshot of the Simple Desktops App from the Mac App Store

The other website where I get more graphic intensive wallpapers (and some simple ones) is Kuvva.com.

They have so many wallpapers by different artists.  It could be a painting, vector art, drawing or a photo.  On their about page they mentioned that they "..want to turn dead space into creative space" which is really true. Check the website out to see what I'm talking about.

On a side note: Though I'm feeling the minimalistic vibe right now, I have the Kuvva Wallpapers app installed on my MBP.  This app automatically changes your wallpaper when the clock hits midnight.   You should go to the website, create an account and choose which wallpapers you would like to appear on your desktop screen otherwise the app will choose randomly.  Check it out on the Mac App Store. It's for free.
Screenshot of Kuvva Wallpapers on the Mac App Store
Choosing/creating wallpapers is fun.  Everyone should give more thought in selecting/creating a wallpaper to use on their computers.  Don't be a sucker who uses default wallpapers preinstalled on your machine.

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Eighties

So yesterday we had our 80's themed coffee talk at the SMX Convention Center.  It was really fun especially the 80's group number competition between the different capabilities.  I joined the contest with my officemates and luckily, we won 1st place.

Final pose
Here's the video of our groovy performance.

Lol I also did the voice over in the beginning. It took us about 2 days to come up with the dance. This made me miss dancing. Haha.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lana Del Rey's Video Games is now a Video Game

So much fun although the video is too girly LOL. Watch the video.

I love Lana Del Rey! Haha And the 8-bit background music is solid.

Pupunta ka ba?

University Week at any school must be fun. I mean, it's the time of the year where everyone is in a mood to celebrate even the professors and school staff. In my 3 years in DLSU, I've always enjoyed the University Week especially because they used to open the soccer field. Not sure though what will happen this year since there's a building being constructed where the soccer field used to be. Anyway, I've been seeing this a lot on Facebook and it really makes me miss DLSU during University Week. Let them show you why University Weeks are more fun at DLSU.

Sad to say, I'm not going to the last day of the DLSU University Week cause I'll be on night shift. I hope everyone enjoys the event! Here's the schedule of activities:

Click to enlarge
From the DLSUnivWeek2012 Facebook Page

Click to enlarge
From the DLSUnivWeek2012 Facebook Page
Animo La Salle!

QuickPost: On Night Shift

I'll be on night shift starting today. This means my social life which is dead will be double dead. Haha.

Then again, night shift means more money. Yay money.

Monday, February 13, 2012

What Do Geeks Do On Valentine's Day?

So the day of the year when you (most likely) feel bad for yourself cause you're single or can't think of a normal gift for your partner has finally come.  Every February 14th, the world turns into a big cheese ball cause of all the shiz romantic people pull for their loved ones.  Fully booked restaurants, sold out roses, boxes of chocolates here and there and traffic at nearby motels (LOL) are just some of the things that you should expect during this bloody red day.  But what do the geeks celebrate Valentine's Day?

For Forever Alone Geeks
Some people call it Valentine's Day, I call it Tuesday.
Too much bitterness in that statement. There's more to life than cheesiness fellow geeks.  Gadgets and gaming consoles were created for us to lessen the gravity of social deprivation we experience on this love-and-sex-filled day.  Remember that the end of the day, unlocking achievements and getting a high score while playing your favorite game is better than paying for dinner at an expensive restaurant where they serve small foods on a big plate. Haha.

Here are the things you could do:

  • Browse 9Gag for Valentine memes
  • Read a book
  • Play trivia night with your friends
  • Ask Siri inappropriate questions

For the Geeks that have Valentines

8-bit flower bouquet from ThinkGeek.com
We've seen on films how the single & helpless geeky character awkwardly makes a fool out of himself/herself when he/she tries to ask someone to be his/her valentine.  They end up creeping out the other person (who most of the time is way out their league) and ultimately putting themselves into shame.  Stupid stereotypes.  Fact of the matter is, geeks are very creative when it comes to these things.  We have so many ideas to the point that we can't do anything right cause we try to do so many things to please the other person.

Here are the things you could do:

  • Get a geeky gift - Check our websites like thinkgeek.com
  • Watch a sci-fi movie series like HP or LOTR or Star Wars!
  • Go to a geek convention like a cosplay event and dress up as your favorite anime/sci-fi couple
  • Play any co-op game and beat the crap out of the enemies together
  • Visit this link for more geeky date ideas 

So whether your going to spend Valentine's day alone or with someone.  Never forget your true geeky nature.
Live long and prosper (and multiply?) Haha.  For single geeks, I'm with you. For those who aren't, go get some action (not from Battlefield or Call of Duty)!

Image source: bang-on-wholesale.com

Happy Valentine's everyone!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Final Fantasy 13 2 the story so far..

Okay, so I finished FFXIII-2 a week after I bought it. Sad to say but I was disappointed with the ending. But hey, I have to get all the 160 fragments so I could unlock the secret ending whatever that may be. Also, there are 9 or 10 paradox endings which I have not yet figured out how to unlock.

Anyway, Just wanted to say that FF 13 2 is a solid game but the first game will always be better.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Mixed Games: Final Fantasy XIII-2

Square Enix did something right again with the new Final Fantasy XIII-2 game that they released.  Despite my hate for Serah Farron cause I think she's lame and soft unlike Lightning, I actually like how the game is turning up.

Graphics and Design
>Like FF XIII, the graphics is impressive.
>It's like you're playing the characters while watching a cutscene.
>Cutscene footages are really of another level.
>The character designs are also pretty good, Serah's costume is slutty. LOL I like the talking Moogle and Noel's costume reminds me of some traditional Chinese costume for some reason.
>Lightning is still bad-ass.
>Caius looks gay but is bad-ass and powerful.

>Paradigm Shifts are still there.
>The Cinematic Action adds up to the excitement (more of panic) when the buttons you have to press start to appear.
>It's cool that you can use monsters when fighting with other monsters.
>The gameplay is a mixture of FF XIII, FF VII - Crisis Core and Kingdom Hearts.
>I think the game IS NOT as linear as FF XIII was.

>I can't say much yet about the story cause I just started playing.
>The recap every time you load the game is like watching a TV series.
>Would've been better if the main character was Lightning.
>Travelling through time is similar to travelling through worlds in Kingdom Hearts.

>The battle music isn't as fun as the previous ones.
>The victory music isn't good
>There are times that I hear lyrics with the background music which is different from the other FF games.

I'm enjoying the game so far considering that this is only a "sequel" or "spin-off" or whatever you might want to call it.  Not sure yet though if it'll live up to the other FF games which were really GREAT.

YLOD: A PS3 Gamer's Nightmare

YLOD. Yellow Light of Death.  It's worst thing that could happen when you're playing your favorite game in your PlayStation 3 Console. It's like getting the BSOD  (Blue Screen of Death) with our Windows computers.  The YLOD is inevitable.  Sooner or later your PS3 will give up and constantly get the YLOD.
Image source: prlog.org

It started happening when I was playing Uncharted.  At first I thought it was just a glitch related to the disc or something but when I started playing another game (FFXIII-2), I couldn't get past a certain part of the game cause the PS3 would always flash a yellow light followed by three beeps.  I tried playing and loading several times cause I got to finish Uncharted even if the YLOD happened from time to time but it kept on getting the YLOD.   It seems that the more graphics intensive the game is, the higher chance that the console's hardware may fail.

I tried looking for solutions online and there are several options like sending it back to Sony or get it reflowed by someone (I didn't get into to much detail on what reflowing means) though the fix will only be temporary. I even watched how-to videos just to have an idea on what I could do with it the past few days.

Anyway, it's been a good two and a half years, Phattie. Haha.  You'll have a new home (my room).

FYI: the PS3 still works, I can still play the low-graphic games here like FFVIII.  Plus, it can play movies from the USB ports/media centers/blu-ray reader. 

Oh and hello to our new white friend. Haha. We got this 320GB White PS3 Slim last night from Datablitz. Datablitz really does have affordable games and consoles.  
I don't think there is a known fix for the YLOD. Maybe Sony designed the PS3 like that so eventually we will buy their products again but it seems kinda unfair.  Oh well, I still consider myself lucky cause my PS3 Phat isn't completely dead.  Not like this guy's PS3

How sad.
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